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Otherworld Connection. Medicine and Magic for the dark half of the year.




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A  journey to spark transformation.  Using Nature; Community; Ancestral Celtic Wisdom and Land-based learning as our guide for CHANGE.


“Through the Light Intention, assessments and grounding, I'm connecting again and it's life changing.”


Pam - Member of The Cosmos Inside Us monthly programme.

The Cosmos Inside Us

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 It’s nice to meet you!

Hello, I’m Claire, the woman behind the veil here. I’ve learned that nature has the power and wisdom to inspire and to heal.

My aim is to connect people with the healing power of nature. To live and work in a way that protects our natural world and to offer insights and training into how you can live in harmony and relationship with your own true nature.



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Wheel Of The Year 

&Ritual and America Village Apothecary collaboration.

Join Victoria of &RITUAL and I as we move and transition each of the 8 key festivals of the Celtic Wheel Of The Year.


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Baile Mheiriceá (America Village) is a PLACE in Co. Galway, in the cultural region of Dúiche Sheoigheach, on the west coast of IRELAND. 

It is steeped in mythology and magic.

Everything that I do and make is informed by the energy of this land.

Your best natural life awaits

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