America Village Apothecary

 America Village (Baile Mheiriceá), is the name of a place in Co.Galway and is the home of America Village Apothecary



We aim to be the best and to continue to be innovative in this emerging and growing market, using our unique locally foraged flavours, carefully sourced ingredients and attention to detail.




Our recipes focus on seasonal, foraged, local and quality ingredients. 


An illustration of how nature influences us and the community around us - How we think, design and create.

The Apothecary Club is a creative space for sharing, learning and gathering. A place where nature and community connect and old and new traditions can merge.


The Apothecary Club Workshops provide participants with the opportunity to learn new skills in a meaningful and fun way.

The Apothecary Club Gatherings are about sharing, celebrating and community - A community of like-minded people who sometimes also like to share a drink! 



We run and participate in a variety of events, tours and tastings


For enquiries regarding private event hire or to schedule a tasting, please contact us. 


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