Wheel Of The Year 

&RITUAL and America Village Apothecary collaboration.



This journey is about re-connecting.

To begin to place value once again on softer knowing, intuition and imagination. The non-physical, spiritual and natural world.


In the past, time was seen as a great wheel ever revolving rather that a linear progression, those who came before us were deeply rooted in celestial patterns and the rhythms of nature.

Wheel of the Year is a Journey to connect deeply into the cycles of nature and how that journey might transform our lives in a meaningful way.  

Uncovering the tracks of this ancient way of being we will explore the cycles of the moon, plants and their medicine, the changing of the light, sounds and the seasons and how by becoming more sensitive to the rhythms of nature we begin to come in to a more authentic relationship to our own rhythm WITH nature. 

Living a conscious life in tune with the natural world brings us clarity, connection and space.

Throughout the year we will curate workshops and events to coincide with:


Winter Solstice


Spring Equinox  


Summer Solstice


Autumn Equinox


 Your Guides 

Your guides and the curators of wheel of the year are Victoria McCormack of &RITUAL and Claire Davey of America Village Apothecary.

Between them Victoria and Claire have over 30 years experience in the arts, curating events, herbal studies, plant medicine, ritual, community work, community activism, facilitation and the simple pleasure of gathering people together.



How it works...

On each of the eight Celtic Wheel Of The Year festivals we will gather in community to explore the festival, the season and the wisdom of our ancestors.

We will do this through ritual, ceremony, plant medicine teachings, meditation, story, poetry and discussion. 


Each event is an online offering via the Zoom platform.

Once you have signed up you will receive a Zoom link and password as well as a preparatory email.

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Why celebrate the Celtic Wheel Of The Year?

Because in these days of over consumption and land abuse we need to collectively re-connect with the wisdom of our ancestors. 

We need to ask ourselves how we have landed in our present state, what we have lost in the past and how we can claim it back to breathe life into our modern society. 

Spring Equinox Gathering

Details TBA

€20,00 EUR