The Cailleach




Medicine and Magic

for the

dark half of the year.


Your spirit and your heart. This is the richness, magic and mystery. This is the Otherworld.



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Lesson One 

What is The Cailleach and what are the characteristics of the Cailleach energy?

Lesson Two

Why should we connect with the Callieach, feminine energy and the Otherworld right now?

Lesson Three

How can we begin to harness the energy of the Cailleach and the Otherworld to create new ways of being and living?

Medicine & Magic - The Practices

Ritual & Ceremony

You will learn how to use ritual and ceremony to honour the Cailleach energy. To ease into transition, honour each cycle, grieve for things you may give up and bless new energies and ways of being and living.

Nature & Plants

Re-connecting and communing with nature, you will begin to harmoniously heal yourself and our planet. Learning about the three key herbs and trees to work with during the feminine half of the year. 

The Otherworld 

You will learn about the Otherworld and how to access this place of mystery and magic through meditation, Gaining true insights and wisdom on a wider plane.

Sacred Space

You will create your sacred space - The  outer physical manifestation of your wider consciousness. Through creating this space for yourself, you will more easily connect with a sacred sense of place and spirituality. 

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EMBRACE The Cailleach

Otherworld Connection, Medicine and Magic



  • Guided Meditations 
  • 8 Practices, including:
  • 1 Ceremony
  • 2 Rituals
  • PDF Book with full course content
  • 2 Bonus PDFs: Celtic Wheel Of The Year & Working With Your Altar.

The Cailleach Box

If you're interested in this course check out The Cailleach Box:


The Cailleach Box



  • The Full Course 
  • The Cailleach Elderberry Tincture
  • The Cailleach Winter Essence (White Yarrow; Elder; Sloe)
  • Ritual Blackthorn Thorns
  • Altar Yarrow Sachet
  • Incense Herb Smoke Bundle
  • The Cailleach Spiritual Bathing Soak

Give the gift of seasonal wellness to a loved one.

Both the Course and The Box can be purchased as a gift.