Wild Rose Elixir

Wild Rose Elixir

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Wild Rose Elixir has a refreshing fruity floral flavour with a fragrance of rose and a hint of fruit.. The Hips of the native Irish Wild Rose have been used for hundreds of years for their medicinal qualities. 

According to the British Medical Journal 1942, there is 2.2mg per c.cm in 'Rosehip Syrup' compared to 0-66mg in fresh Orange Juice.

Ingredients - Rosehips, Wild Rose Petals; Filtered Water; Cane Sugar; Organic Lemon Juice, Spices.

How to Use - Use as a health and wellness elixir and simply take as a shot each day.

Add to water, smoothies, juice throughout the day.

Use as a sweetener for baking, on porridge, pancakes etc.

Add to beverages to create unique cocktails, non alcoholic and mixed drinks. 

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