Wild Gorse Syrup

Wild Gorse Syrup

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Flavour Notes - Wild Gorse Syrup has a unique subtle flavour with hints of coconut, almond and vanilla. Gorse grows wildly and freely around Baile Mheiriceá and Connemara, for such a common shrub and flower it somehow offers a taste and hint of the exotic! 

Ingredients - Hand foraged Connemara Gorse flowers; Water; Cane Sugar; Organic Lemon Juice; Gorse Tincture

How to Use: Gorse Aperitif - Pour 20ml Wild Gorse Syrup into a chilled flute glass, top with Prosecco or sparkling wine and serve.

Gorse Tiki - Combine 30ml Wild Gorse Syrup; 50ml Rum: Juce of 1/2 lime; Shake with ice, Strain into a tall glass over lots of ice, garnish with Pineapple, lime wedge, vanilla pod and an umbrella!

This syrup is also delicious on ice cream and baked treats.

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