Chocolate Bitters

Chocolate Bitters

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These Bitters have been formulated in collaboration with Bean & Goose Chocolate, who provide us with the cocoa beans. 

They are prepared with single origin Venezuelan Cocoa Beans, sourced from the Franceschi family.  We also blend local foraged herbs and botanicals, such as Red Clover and Rose in the formula. 

Ingredients - Cocoa Nibs; Herbs & Botanicals; Alcohol: Filtered Water. 

How to Use - Add to sparkling water, mixed drinks/Cocktails or use in cooking/baking preparation. 

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Our Bitters are made through the alcoholic extraction of plant materials and are used as additives in mixed drinks or foods to enhance aroma and flavour.

As the name suggests, bitters are a liquid extraction of botanicals, herbs, roots, barks and various fruits and they have a predominately bitter taste.