Bog Myrtle Tincture

Bog Myrtle Tincture

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Bog Myrtle (myrica gale) is a native plant that is prevalent all over the west of Ireland and Connemara. As the the name suggests it loves bogland and lake shores. 

It has a beautiful unique resinous scent of lemon and citrus, woody sweet pine and eucalyptus 

Due to it's resinous aroma, it acts as a great insect repellent, as well as being great for use in the preparation of Beer; Spirits and Bitters. It also renders a lovely yellow natural dye.

It was considered a blessed herb in Irish Folklore for it’s many uses.

When burnt, the leaves give off a lovely fragrance. It used to be kept in linen cupboards to keep away insects and moths, the fruits would have been used in soups and stews to add flavour; Or a few sprigs would be kept under a person’s hat or behind their ears to keep insects away.

It shouldn’t be used by women who are pregnant or think that they may be.

Ingredients - Bog Myrtle; Alcohol; Filtered Water

How to Use - Add to sparkling water, mixed drinks/Cocktails or use in cooking preparation. 

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