Tonic Syrup



A small batch Quinine Tonic Syrup, the first of its kind produced in Ireland. This syrup offers a delicate mix of Cinchona (quinine), offering balanced bitterness, citrus layers, botanicals and locally foraged herbs, rounded off with a subtle sweetness. The barks and botanicals offer an earthy amber colour.

Ingredients - Cinchona Bark; Citrus; Herbs & Botanicals; Filtered Water; Cane Sugar;

"Davey's Quinine Tonic Syrup makes the best Gin & Tonic ever" John McKenna

How to Use - This Syrup is added to Sparkling/Soda Water to create an old style authentic Tonic Water. It will add depth, flavour and a balanced bitterness to any drink . We think it's as close as you're going to get to a perfect Gin & Tonic.