Tasting Club May - Gather

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Monday - May 27th 2019 - 7 - 9pm

The Tasting Club

A curated tasting experience.


With special guest Edward & Avery from Thalli Foods.
Held on the last Monday of every month, each event will be curated to explore a different theme around the connection between taste, nature and community.

The Tasting Club is an intimate experience. We arrange the space into 2 long tables, this way people can experience new tastes and flavours in a relaxed communal setting.

The food will comprise of 3 small tastings. You will be handed an Aperitif on arrival, followed by 3 curated drinks to compliment each tasting.

About Thalli Foods:

"We are Edward and Avery, the husband and wife team behind Thalli Foods. We gather, eat, and preserve wild foods. We love to share what we know and are on a constant quest to learn more about what we don’t know.

We both began professionally foraging in the UK, Edward in 2011, Avery in 2014. We worked for Miles Irving at Forager Ltd, Britain's leading supplier of Wild Food. There, we were harvesting over 200 species of wild plants for restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales.

We believe in biodiversity. Our aim is to increase the diversity of the human diet while also improving environmental diversity. It’s true that plants, mushrooms, lichens, algae and other organisms growing wild are commonly found to be higher in nutrients than cultivated foods or found to contain unique compounds not found in other foods. Due to the great diversity of species, they collectively offer an exceptionally broad spectrum of nutrients, aka flavors. Diversity is delicious.

Our work is research into wild foods as a future resource for food on our planet. We record every move we make, every plant we harvest and every change in the populations we collect from. This is something we learned from Miles Irving at Forager. We are creating a sustainable example for future generations."