Herbal Christmas Magic
3:00 pm15:00

Herbal Christmas Magic

  • Loam Restaurant

Herbal Christmas Magic - Enjoy and rejoice in the magic of deep winter.

We will explore the mysticism and folklore of the season and holidays. Seasonal herbs and what nature gifts to us at this time of the year will be the main focus for the workshop. Natural gifts such as Pine, Rosemary, Juniper, Spruce, Fir, Hawthorn and Sloes. 

Spiced Herbal Winter Teas / Herbal Infused Oils / Infused seasonal drinks / Herbal Sugar & Salt scrubs  / Seasonal Incense / Winter Woodland Perfume / Baked Treats and more.

Everyone will make and go home with their own gift of a Winter Spice herbal tea or Pine Sugar Scrub.  


Blending Bitters for Cocktails & Cures
1:00 pm13:00

Blending Bitters for Cocktails & Cures

  • Naduir

This Workshop will focus on the magic and diversity of Non-Potable Herbal Bitters. We will draw on traditional blends of the past as well as new contemporary formulas. Attention will be drawn upon local and native plants in particular.