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Slow Food is My Religion...

I had the great fortune to meet Barbara Buckley last November at a Slow Food mushroom identification event. I knew right away that she was an interesting and captivating woman and that I would just have to profile her for America Village.

I'm delighted to say that barely six months from first meeting Barbara I consider her a friend as well as a great mentor.  

A few weeks ago, I enthusiastically accepted an offer to interview her at her home over lunch.

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"Tell Me What You Eat, I Can Tell You Who You Are."

Kidan Eshetu Deresse -  An Ethiopian in Galway

Kidan believes that when we are eating or drinking, it is not about the food or the drink, it is about how the ACTION we are participating in COLLECTIVELY binds us together, Thus people are connected through and by food. Rarely one comes across an idea or philosophy which completely makes sense...

For me – this makes COMPLETE sense.

Oh yes... and If you want to try the BEST coffee you will EVER taste, prepared from the raw bean - Kidan is your man!

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