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The Tweed Project

"It was here on the Long Walk one day last January, It was a nice day in the middle of that terrible stormy winter. I stood out of the car and I just said "I'm doing this" and she said "I'm doing this too" - It was a very strong connected feeling. It's emotional, It is something that is very deep."

The words of Aoibheann McNamara, one half of The Tweed Project, the 'she' that Aoibheann refers to is Triona Lillis - the other half. 

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Slow Food is My Religion...

I had the great fortune to meet Barbara Buckley last November at a Slow Food mushroom identification event. I knew right away that she was an interesting and captivating woman and that I would just have to profile her for America Village.

I'm delighted to say that barely six months from first meeting Barbara I consider her a friend as well as a great mentor.  

A few weeks ago, I enthusiastically accepted an offer to interview her at her home over lunch.

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The Wonder of Willow

Ciaran Hogan grew up surrounded by Willow - After visiting his family home, a beautiful stone cottage perched on the side of a mountain in Loch Na Fooey, Co. Galway, I knew that he wasn't lying.

His father - let's just refer to him as the 'Willow Man' for the moment - has a trail of his creations dotted all over the house, Dolores, the 'willow mans' wife, informs me 'You should have seen the place before we got the extension!

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