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Blending Bitters for Cocktails & Cures

  • Naduir Saoirsinn Furbo, Galway Ireland (map)

Blend Your Own Bitters - For Cocktails & Cures

This Workshop will focus on the magic and diversity of Non-Potable Herbal Bitters. We will draw on traditional blends of the past as well as new contemporary formulas. Attention will be drawn upon local and native plants in particular. 

We will begin the workshop with a brief history and tasting of various Bitters blends and discuss and learn about different varieties of Bitters.

Over the course of the afternoon we will delve into the world of herbs and botanicals, with a focus on local and native plants and will look at basic formulas and processes for making your own Bitters. 


The session will also cover how you can use Bitters for healing, in cocktails, as digestifs and for cooking. If weather permits we will take time during the session to go on a short walk and identify some of the plants that will be used in the workshop. 

You will then craft and blend your own bottle to take home with you, using herbs and botanicals that have been picked, dried and tinctured around America Village.

The Workshop will wrap up over a tasty Afternoon Tea, where apothecary refreshments and Bitters treats will be served.  

The class will be hosted in the magical setting of Naduir, located in Furbo, south Connemara. Naduir (Nature) is a custom designed centre, built with ecology and nature in mind. The workshop space is a large panoramic, architecturally designed glazed area - A beautiful and inviting space in which to hold our first workshop. 

The cost of the workshop is €50. All supplies, Afternoon Tea, a complimentary Apothecary Wild Craft Syrup and recipe handout are included, Spaces are limited. No experience is required. 

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As the name suggests, bitters are a liquid extraction of botanicals, herbs, roots, barks and various fruits with a predominately bitter taste. They can range from more mellow plants like meadowsweet or dandelion to the very bitter Gentian. They extract the flavour and medicinal qualities of these plants.

Bitters, Tinctures and Elixir's have been around for centuries, mainly for their medicinal use. In the 1800's people started to add alcohol and sometimes sugar when taking their Bitters to make the taste more pleasant and palatable - Hence the Cocktail was born!

Bitters are also like the gym for our digestive system! They help keep it toned – All the digestive organs are ‘turned on’. They kick start the digestive process and work wonders if you are suffering from a stomach ache, gas pains, overeating, indigestion or are hungover. 

They can be used for health benefits by adding a few shakes to sparkling or still water, herbal tea, juice, smoothies throughout day. You can experiment and be as creative with bitters as you like in the kitchen, use them in soups, stews, ice cream, cakes, granola, dressings …

In cocktails they work their magic by adding that ‘missing something’ needed to balance and harmonise a drink.

Later Event: 31 October
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