A  Modern Monthly Toolkit To Spark Transformation.



The Cosmos Inside Us Membership Programme

A modern toolkit for transformation, using Nature; Community; Ancestral Celtic Wisdom and Land-based learning as our guide for CHANGE.

Empower yourself with the tools and habits to consciously grow and evolve in tune with nature and the cosmos. 

Awaken your true self and become a part of, and share in the prospect of a new worldview. Change can happen if we embrace our inner power and consciousness, intentionally evolve and harness the radical collective transformation needed.

Change Is Coming

We need to take care of nature so that nature can take care of us. 

Each Month you will Receive

Monthly Reference Guidebook

On the 3rd of every month you will receive a monthly thematic resource guide, You will be able to view this online or download in PDF format. This Guide will include Insights and wisdom for creative practice.

Monthly Tools For Change Workbook

The Monthly Tools for Change workbook will consist of downloadable practical tools for change. Including Self Care Rituals, Meditation Seeds and the tools to change habits that do not serve us. As well as outlining practical forms of creative activism. 

Herbal Remedy/ Formula or Recipe

You will receive a monthly seasonal Herbal Remedy, Recipe or Formula in PDF downloadable format. With clear guidelines working from an Intuitive Plant Spirit process.


Support & Communication

A monthly 30 minute webinar where I will talk you through the months content and take any questions re the same.

Each week you will also receive an e-mail from me to help you on your journey towards transformation.

The Cosmos Inside Us is for you if...

  • You have a desire to connect with nature in a meaningful way and want to learn how to craft your own formulas and recipes. 

  • You believe that we form part of a much larger weave and belong to a life that can include mystery, magic and endless possibility. 
  • You know that a sustainable animate world full of possibility is attainable - You want to be a part of the force that helps to create it.

  • You want to share and evolve with the support and inspiration of a global community of like minded people.



"So thankful for this community and resource at this time"

"I can't thank you enough, I'm awake, alive again and listening to my intuition" 

"A Sage - The Ability to allow others to hear their own wisdom"

"Through the Light Intention, assessments and grounding I am connecting again and it's life changing"

"You see beauty and know how to frame it for others - You allow us to see it too"

"Intuitive, you know what people need"

"You make me think about my own values"

"I feel instantly closer to nature"

"Attention to detail is impeccable"


Learn to create your sanctuary, wherever you may roam.


Tune In and Turn On your True Nature


Enhance your inner calm with supportive sustenance. 

What you'll get in February 

Join any time 

In February we will work on recognising the EMBODIMENT of everything: Anima Mundi, the soul of the world & how it's connected to the human body.


The simple act of being in the world can cultivate an embodied relationship with the world.



How It Works

When you join you will be sent a Welcome Pack and Log In instructions. You will have immediate access to the membership site.

You can join the programme at any time throughout the year, cancel your subscription at any time and jump in and out as you please. 



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